2048 This is the reverse engineered version of the game "2048" for browsers. It's as addictive as the original and can even be played offline - thanks to the power of Progressive Web Apps (PWA)! Skills required HTML, PWA, JavaScript Level Intermediate



simpleDrive simpleDrive is a private cloud software to be run on your own server. It puts you in charge of your data - the way it's meant to be. Here are some of the features: Enjoy your uploaded songs and videos directly in your browser! Download our free Android-App to have

AES-Encryption in JavaScript


AES-Encryption in JavaScript In this project I created an AES-module that can do symmetric encryption and decryption in JavaScript. I'm using standard libraries included in CryptoJS. The module can encrypt, optionally sign, and of course decrypt text directly in the browser. As a standalone module it can easily be integrated in other projects

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