How To Build A Live Chat With WebSockets

WebSockets are a fascinating technology, a TCP-based network protocol that allows for asynchronous bi-directional communication. The client starts a connection, sends a request and gets a response - just like HTTP. But much unlike HTTP this connection is kept alive! This has many advantages, like Faster responses (no re-establishing connections) Less trafic (no overhead

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How To Enable Compression In Apache2

When running a professional website, one of the major things that you want to do, is making it as fast as possible! Fast loading times lead to more user engagement, satisfied viewers/customers and higher conversion rates. In addition, provided you deliver good content, the faster your page loads, the higher it's ranked in the

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How To Reset The MySQL root password

The number of times I lost access to my MySQL-Database because I forgot the password is probably rather embarrassing. In uncounted web-searches I came up with several solutions to reset it. Some of them worked but were utterly difficult and some plainly didn't work at all. To save you the hassle of finding the

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How To Create Your Own HTTPS-Certificate With Let’s Encrypt

Making your website secure has been one of the major tasks in web developement since... ever. And it's only gotten more relevant over time. Google has even begun tagging http-Sites as "Not secure" as of July 2018. And for good reason: encrypting traffic to and from your site using SSL is one big step

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