How To Center A DIV horizontally and vertically

When searching the web for ways to center a DIV I found a ton of suggestions. Many kind of solved one problem but at the same time introduced others, some made the code unreadable and others straight up didn't work at all. Eventually I got frustrated and decided to tinker around for a couple

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How To Implement Google Sign-In To Your Website

You've probably seen this button around the web: Websites that use this button let you login using your Google Account as an alternative to creating an account on that particular page. Why use Google Sign-In? In the ever pacing world of the internet, to get customers to use your website, it

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Hello NodeJS | Authentication with PassportJS

The so-called 'Login-System' that we put up so far isn't quite... secure, to say the least. The way it is currently implemented, anyone could come by, 'login' and have an account created. Let's toughen that up and replace it with some proper authentication mechanisms. First things first - we need more packages! We

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How To Do The Holy Grail Layout With CSS-Grid

I already gave an introduction to what the Holy Grail layout actually is in my previous post. So in this post we're mainly going to focus on building the exact same thing, only this time with CSS-Grids. But first, a little introduction to CSS-Grids: What are CSS-Grids? The CSS-Grid-Layout is a fairly

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