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Encrypting Text With AES-256 In PHP

This post is the first part of a series about symmetric encryption with AES-256 in PHP. Table of contents: Encrypting text Decrypting text Encrypting files Decrypting files There are plenty usecases for having encryption in your application, but be aware of the golden rule of cryptography: If you don't know what you're

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How To Build A QR-Code-Generator In PHP

I'm sure all of you know Quick Response Codes (or QR-Codes for short). They're everywhere and a great way to encode information that's hard to read and/or remember for humans in a way machines can process. There are plenty of online services that will generate QR-codes for us. But what if we wanted to

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How To Center A DIV horizontally and vertically

When searching the web for ways to center a DIV I found a ton of suggestions. Many kind of solved one problem but at the same time introduced others, some made the code unreadable and others straight up didn't work at all. Eventually I got frustrated and decided to tinker around for a couple

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How To Implement Google Sign-In To Your Website

You've probably seen this button around the web: Websites that use this button let you login using your Google Account as an alternative to creating an account on that particular page. Why use Google Sign-In? In the ever pacing world of the internet, to get customers to use your website, it

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